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315.000 White Hawk

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Frei ab 18
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White Hawk Indoor - Percussion Rifle from Pedersoli

A break open muzzle loading light weight handy rifle with modern technical features and, since the loading is without black powder, it is ideal for the indoor shooting. The 4,5 mm caliber barrel folds by pushing a lever in front of the trigger guard. The ramrod, threaded at the end for the brush cleaner, is stored on the upper part of the barrel.
Both sights are fixed to the frame on integrated supports featuring a collar profile. The barrel is be loaded with the 4,5 mm (.177") pellet which is discharged by using a #209 primer placed in the breech nipple. The stock and the forend are made of hardwood. The barrel, is blued, while the frame is case hardened finish.NEUHEIT - Indoor Rifle von Pedersoli:

Perkussionsgewehr White Hawk Kaliber 4,5 mm - ideal für das Schießen in geschlossenen Räumen, da zum Schießen kein Pulver benötigt wird: die 4,5mm-Kugel wird mit Hilfe eines Zündhütchens Winchester #209 verschossen.


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