300. 230 Remington 1858 Lothar-Walther-Special, cal..44

Hersteller HEGE Uberti
Artikelnr. 300.230
Verfügbarkeit Lagernd
Preis ohne Steuer 578,15€*



Art.Nr. 300.230 Remington 1858 Lothar-Walther Special,

Produced with HEGE-tools on CNC machines at Beretta-Uberti. The system is a HEGE-Uberti, the frame is not casted but forged, the barrel comes from Lothar-Walther, Germany. Especially produced according the wishes of HEGE. The front sight can be adjusted. The base pin and the front side of the cylinder are teflon coated (Dupont). The caliber is .44 (we suggest lead balls .454 and a charge of 16-18 grain swiss powder no. 2) 

The revolver is a Match revolver. The German Lothar-Walther-barrel (swift: 450mm, groove: 11,35mm, Field: 11,15mm), the revolver has the right Timing. We suggest to use the HEGE Turbo-berrylium nipples instead of the iron ones (which comes with the revolver from production). Every item has passed the proof house test according to CIP regulations. According to your wishes we can make a tuning of the trigger (pls tell us the weight of the trigger, you wish), polishing and special hardening of some parts of the hammer assembly = 119 Euro. 

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